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The Tech Nation 2017 Report Is Kinda Awesome


The Tech Nation 2017 report features some pretty terrific stats.

One that I especially like, but will no doubt get glossed over for the £6.8 billion and £100 billion money shots, is the number of Meetups hosted in London vs other EU cities.


This active sharing of ideas, most often driven by a single organiser, really is quite something and says a lot about the unique entrepreneurial dynamism of the London and wider UK economy.

Perhaps more importantly, it also underscores and celebrates the power of software to connect people in the real world.

Now, I’d love to see how London stacks up to New York, San Francisco et al.

What do you think? Feel free to ping me at rocknroll at measurematch dot com.


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MeasureMatch News - Issue #2 - MeasureMatch Services, MarTech Edu, #BeBoldForChange, Friends & More

Welcome to MeasureMatch News

If you haven’t already read it, you will now:

I am super delighted to have you with me on this entrepreneurial journey. Thank you!

Wow! What a week it’s been since the last newsletter. The dev team’s hands have been extremely full and very active. Our team of advisors has been amazingly helpful. Our fundraising is going really well (despite the haphazard approach). And interest in the MeasureMatch service continues to grow across the board.

That said, it really is still very early in the development of the MeasureMatch service.

It’ll no doubt feel a bit slow to evolve and it’ll be a wee bit of a bumpy ride now and again, but we’re determined to create something extraordinarily special and valuable for everyone involved. That especially means you!

Many thanks for your commitment, your patience and your understanding.

A Quick Review

As you know

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The Marketing Tech, Data & Insight Experts Meetup Is Here

In case you missed it in yesterday’s newsletter, there’s a new meetup in London Town.

It’s called the Independent MarTech, Data & Insight Experts Meetup and all are welcomed to attend and participate.


One or two emerging technology vendors will tell us about their kit and go-to-market approaches, which I’m quite excited about.

If you’re a fan of all things MarTech & related data-driven business challenges, especially if you’re a deep-dive value creator (via hands-on deployment, config and/or data and systems integrations), you’ll love this meetup.

Sign up here.

Thank you!

Rock ‘n Roll,

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MeasureMatch News - Issue #1

For MeasureMatch Newsletter Subscribers
Published on 1 March 2017


James here. In case you don’t know me, I’m the founder of MeasureMatch. And I’m not a bad cook. Really. It’s true.

It’s great to be here.

This newsletter (fair warning, it’s going to be beefy) has been aching to get out and I’m sure you’ve been aching to get an update.

So, welcome to issue number 1 of [drumroll please] MeasureMatch News.

Prepared for you in this issue:

  1. A general update
  2. A marketplace Experts update
  3. A marketplace Buyers update
  4. A few words on the MeasureMatch product development roadmap
  5. A Meetup
  6. A call for ideas and MeasureMatch blog pieces (please)
  7. Articles & research we like
  8. Some thanks

A general update

These are exciting times for the MeasureMatch team, which is a group of terrific investors and advisors, a product team in Ucreate, which is our design and build partner, and me.

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It’s time for the big reveal. [deep breath] I’m launching my new venture! Here’s a slice of the backstory…

This is a “re-print” of a piece I originally published in December 2016.

Starting a new business is messy, frightening, expensive, lonely, not to mention risky. And yet, my entrepreneurial endeavours to date, despite many long days and nights, some deep, deep, deep, age-accelerating doldrums-y valleys, a handful of successes and the constant growl of uncertainty, I’m not quite yet ready to stop trying. And, you know what, ultimately, I think that’s the crux of it, the central thrill in being an entrepreneur — it’s the trying.

Trying something new always introduces a shock, or three, or three thousand, to the system. No matter how accustomed you might be with the terrain, the shocks come.

For example (going back to the beginning of my “career”), when I tried to land a senior agency role in a small team leaving Seattle for London back in May of 2001, my heart was racing and my head was

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