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No accident.

Exceptionally productive marketing communications initiatives and optimal customer experiences are no accident.

These business initiatives and experiences are driven by the expert handling of increasingly complex software systems and enormous volumes of valuable data. The thing is, many organizations don’t have the right team members to do the expert handling (startups and scaleups, for example) or they don’t need or can’t afford this kind of talent to be full-time employed.

But the work needs to get done.

The competitiveness and success of millions of companies around planet earth depend on getting the data and tech work done.

And done well.

MeasureMatch was created to address this mammoth, global opportunity. Below is a snapshot of the Target Addressable Market slide in our fundraising deck.


The MeasureMatch global network of independent data scientists, data engineers and...

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MeasureMatch in Berlin. Auf Geht’s!

I love Germany. For lots of reasons: I lived in Germany during my formative years; my mother lives there now (she’s French; long story); I very much enjoy speaking and listening to German (call me crazy); and I love, love, love to drive on those Autobahns. For those and many more reasons, I visit Germany regularly.

And then there’s Berlin. I’m attracted to the creative edge of it (kinda like why I’ve lived in Brixton and Hackney during the twenty-ish years of my London residency). I love the melting pot population, and the ultra-dynamic startup community. Those things and many more keep me coming back time after time - for business and pleasure.

So, this past week I “hijacked” my co-founder’s visit to Berlin (his girlfriend lives there). It had been a little while since I was last there, so figured this was a great opportunity to soak up more of the atmosphere, spend time with a few...

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You Run An Independent Analytics or MarTech Consultancy. Here Are 6 Things To Consider Before Signing Up To MeasureMatch.

I’m writing this blog post to address a concern expressed by a small, but valuable number of independent consultants and consultancies.

The concern I hear is often phrased in a question like this:

“Why would I want to sign up to a marketplace where price is a race to the bottom?”

I’ll start my answer by stating this: MeasureMatch Experts are the crème de la crème of independent data, analytics and marketing technology consultants and consultancies. And we intend to keep it this way.

But you wouldn’t know how good or valuable MeasureMatch Experts are unless you sign up as a company in need of expertise. Companies with Buyer accounts can browse MeasureMatch Experts’ profiles and see for themselves.

For consultants and consultancies, it’s a little more of a leap of faith.

So, here are 6 things to take into account before signing up.

1. Quality vs Quantity

We are 100%...

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How MeasureMatch Works for Companies In Need of Data, Analytics &/or Marketing Technology Expertise Fast. Part Deux

A couple of days ago I posted part I of a two-part blog post to describe what a buyer [aka a client] can expect from the MeasureMatch service.

Below, is a shiny, new, more visual way of describing the user experience, the flow.

Check it out and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any ideas, comments or questions. I’m easily booked for a chat here.


Thank you,
James Sandoval
Founder & CEO

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3 Examples of How MeasureMatch Works for Companies Looking to Quickly & Confidently Address a Data, Analytics &/or Marketing Technology Problem. Part I


We get this question a lot: “How does MeasureMatch work exactly?”

It’s really as easy as 1, 2, 3, but in this quick post I’ll answer that question with three simple scenarios.

I’ll post again soon with a visual that describes each step of the process.

Ok, here we go…

1.) Digital Marketing Director, Barbara, at tech scaleup X needs someone to quickly configure a bunch of new data collection hooks in Tealium to advance a cross-device personalization initiative. One of Barbara’s team members is on vacation, the others are already overstretched and her agency team doesn’t have the bandwidth or skills either.

2.) Programmatic Marketing Manager, Simon, at Brand Y needs someone to identify and config new audience segments in Adobe Audience Manager for a campaign kicking off next week. Simon is totally stressed because he can’t seem to find anyone to help him.

3.) VP, Marketing...

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The Top 5 Marketing Technology Categories That Independent Consultants & Consultancies Can Help Organizations To Use Much Better

Marketers and their colleagues are clear-eyed about how bewilderingly complex the planning, buying, execution and measurement processes of a brand-building or acquisition-oriented communications campaign are today.

A lot of the complexity arises out of the growing number of marketing technologies that are required at several levels along those steps and processes. Here’s a refresher of what the face of that complexity looks like: Take a gander at Scott Brinker’s latest “Supergraphic”, which now has around 5,000 MarTech vendors’ logos crammed onto a single MarTech ecosystem map.

Oh, and there’s the data. Marketing technology systems today collect mountains of valuable business-friendly information, the value of a small percentage of which can be derived directly from fast-evolving user interfaces. But the transformational value can only be realized via hands-on ETL, data integration...

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The Tech Nation 2017 Report Is Kinda Awesome


The Tech Nation 2017 report features some pretty terrific stats.

One that I especially like, but will no doubt get glossed over for the £6.8 billion and £100 billion money shots, is the number of Meetups hosted in London vs other EU cities.


This active sharing of ideas, most often driven by a single organiser, really is quite something and says a lot about the unique entrepreneurial dynamism of the London and wider UK economy.

Perhaps more importantly, it also underscores and celebrates the power of software to connect people in the real world.

Now, I’d love to see how London stacks up to New York, San Francisco et al.

What do you think? Feel free to ping me at rocknroll at measurematch dot com.


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MeasureMatch News - Issue #2 - MeasureMatch Services, MarTech Edu, #BeBoldForChange, Friends & More

Welcome to MeasureMatch News

If you haven’t already read it, you will now:

I am super delighted to have you with me on this entrepreneurial journey. Thank you!

Wow! What a week it’s been since the last newsletter. The dev team’s hands have been extremely full and very active. Our team of advisors has been amazingly helpful. Our fundraising is going really well (despite the haphazard approach). And interest in the MeasureMatch service continues to grow across the board.

That said, it really is still very early in the development of the MeasureMatch service.

It’ll no doubt feel a bit slow to evolve and it’ll be a wee bit of a bumpy ride now and again, but we’re determined to create something extraordinarily special and valuable for everyone involved. That especially means you!

Many thanks for your commitment, your patience and your understanding.

A Quick Review

As you know...

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The Marketing Tech, Data & Insight Experts Meetup Is Here

In case you missed it in yesterday’s newsletter, there’s a new meetup in London Town.

It’s called the Independent MarTech, Data & Insight Experts Meetup and all are welcomed to attend and participate.


One or two emerging technology vendors will tell us about their kit and go-to-market approaches, which I’m quite excited about.

If you’re a fan of all things MarTech & related data-driven business challenges, especially if you’re a deep-dive value creator (via hands-on deployment, config and/or data and systems integrations), you’ll love this meetup.

Sign up here.

Thank you!

Rock ‘n Roll,

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MeasureMatch News - Issue #1

For MeasureMatch Newsletter Subscribers
Published on 1 March 2017


James here. In case you don’t know me, I’m the founder of MeasureMatch. And I’m not a bad cook. Really. It’s true.

It’s great to be here.

This newsletter (fair warning, it’s going to be beefy) has been aching to get out and I’m sure you’ve been aching to get an update.

So, welcome to issue number 1 of [drumroll please] MeasureMatch News.

Prepared for you in this issue:

  1. A general update
  2. A marketplace Experts update
  3. A marketplace Buyers update
  4. A few words on the MeasureMatch product development roadmap
  5. A Meetup
  6. A call for ideas and MeasureMatch blog pieces (please)
  7. Articles & research we like
  8. Some thanks

A general update

These are exciting times for the MeasureMatch team, which is a group of terrific investors and advisors, a product team in Ucreate, which is our design and build partner, and me.


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