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It’s time for the big reveal. [deep breath] I’m launching my new venture! Here’s a slice of the backstory…

This is a “re-print” of a piece I originally published in December 2016.

Starting a new business is messy, frightening, expensive, lonely, not to mention risky. And yet, my entrepreneurial endeavours to date, despite many long days and nights, some deep, deep, deep, age-accelerating doldrums-y valleys, a handful of successes and the constant growl of uncertainty, I’m not quite yet ready to stop trying. And, you know what, ultimately, I think that’s the crux of it, the central thrill in being an entrepreneur — it’s the trying.

Trying something new always introduces a shock, or three, or three thousand, to the system. No matter how accustomed you might be with the terrain, the shocks come.

For example (going back to the beginning of my “career”), when I tried to land a senior agency role in a small team leaving Seattle for London back in May of 2001, my heart was racing and my head was...

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